What's on My Phone 2023

It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this. Here’s a list of Android apps I use often on my Pixel 4 running GrapheneOS. It’s not a complete list at all, instead I’ve tried to focus on unique apps that you’re less likely to have heard of before. Hopefully you find something useful!

Internet and Communication


A really nice Gemini browser with all the features of its desktop counterpart.


Not a native app, but a home shortcut to my FreshRSS instance. It lets me keep up with news and blogs no matter whether I’m on my computer or phone.


A nice fork of the official Mastodon app with more features and quality of life changes.

The Lounge

A shortcut to my instance of The Lounge, a web IRC client.

Games and Entertainment


An emulator based on libretro. Right now I’m mainly using it to play some GB/GBA homebrew and ROM hacks.


A really clean and well designed Minesweeper app.


A manga reading app.



A much nicer to use F-Droid app. It’s become my go-to place to look for apps because I don’t have to wade through all the crapware on Google Play. High quality, user respecting apps are really easy to find here.

Breezy Weather

A really fully featured open source weather app. It’s got some nice looking widgets which was my main motivation for installing it.

Magic Earth

The best and easiest to use Google Maps alternative in my opinion. This is a must have if you need navigation for a long trip, something I’ve found Google Maps to have gotten terrible at recently.


A simple app for leaving notes and reminders in your notification bar. I like that it includes a quick settings shortcut.

Yet Another Call Blocker

A couple days ago I was getting swarmed with scam calls from numbers in my area code. This app was exactly what I needed and let me simply block all calls from my area code not from a contact.

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