Switching My Brain Off

Just now getting a chance to kick back after a busy moving week.

We don’t have a ton of stuff (one of the advantages of student life I’ve realized) and had friends and family at both ends of our trip who were able to help load or unload, so the typical moving stuff wasn’t that bad.

What definitely wasn’t so great was getting zero hours of sleep the night before we had planned to make the 10 hour drive to our destination. Maybe it was the air mattress, or the cold I caught, or the difficulty of switching off my brain after a long day of packing and cleaning. Most likely all of the above, but I can’t help but think that my mind not wanting to enter sleep mode was the biggest factor.

I did manage to get a couple hours of sleep later in the morning, but not nearly enough to feel comfortable driving a truck for 10 hours. So we did the sane thing and spent that entire day just hanging out and getting rested. It was the best decision we could have made. By the next day I felt ready and eager to get going.

I wonder if there’s any tricks I need to learn for getting my brain to slow down at the end of especially busy days. The habit I had up until a couple weeks ago was to do some Reddit browsing before bed. Not the best thing to be doing for sure but I don’t think it was all bad. The only subreddits I followed were for memes and animal videos which did an alright job of helping me unwind and just stop thinking.

I’m thinking I might try finding some new books to get into soon. I used to read more some time ago and I found it was also a really good way to end a day.


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