Sway Log Pt. 2

A few weeks ago I switched from KDE to Sway.

As I’ve kept using it I’ve continued to find cool little ways to improve my setup, but I’ve also uncovered a few pain points for Wayland.

Notable Tools and Programs I’m Using


Not So Good Stuff


Gaming is hit or miss. I’ve run into a few odd gamebreaking issues that aren’t present on X11 KDE, so I’m still relying on that for gaming. Some of them might be fixable with enough config tinkering, but on the bright side I guess having to log into a separate environment for gaming is alright for limiting distractions.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing on Zoom still isn’t possible, or at least takes a lot of configuration, and unfortunately it’s a Zoom problem rather than a Wayland problem. Supposedly it works in the web browser version but I haven’t given that a try yet.

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