Some Open Source Picks

Just a few useful projects that I’ve discovered recently.


I was looking for a way at work to make it easier to work on a bunch of different php web projects all with their different sets of software and different versions of that software. I came across DDEV which uses Docker to do exactly that. I just run it in the project root, edit the config so it matches what we’re running in production, and it’s smooth sailing. And once one team member has configured DDEV they can just push their config to source control to further simplify things for everyone else.

DDEV website


There are some great standalone RSS readers for Android but I got slightly tired of pulling out my phone when I was at my computer to catch up on news and blogs. I already had a VPS that wasn’t seeing a ton of use and had heard people talking about FreshRSS so I figured why not give it a try.

Setup was straightforward, though anyone who hasn’t set up a web server before or isn’t familiar with Docker will have to do a bit of learning (you could also totally use DDEV!).

I’m not sure what there is to say about an RSS reader other than it works great and it’s nice having access to all my articles on any device. It’s plenty customizable, each user can configure addons and themes that have been installed on the server. And the default keyboard shortcuts are super nice.

FreshRSS website


Please is a simple little python “new tab page for your terminal”. It’s pretty new and is lacking a few minor features but I already really like it. When run it gives you a greeting, the time and date, an inspirational quote, and a personal todo list.

There’s plenty of CLI todo tools out there but this one strikes the best balance between simplicity and ease of use, at least for me. I’ve got it set up on my work machine to show up when I open a new terminal and when I clear the screen, and I’ve found that it’s a great and simple way to keep track of little things I need to do.

Please on GitHub