Shows I'm Watching

No spoilers here other than some early episode character reveals for Kenobi.

Stranger Things

Season 4, or rather part of it, just came out and it’s excellent so far. They’ve gone with a 1.25 hour format for each episode which is great with how many different plotlines are going on at once. It leaves them able to jump around plenty while also spending a satisfying amount of time with each group of characters.

Speaking of the characters, I feel like this season has some of the best writing of the show. Though it’s been a while so it’s hard to say for sure.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

A lot of people have been hyped for this one. I’ve tried to avoid most discussion of it. Less potential to be let down, and if it’s unexpectedly really good like The Mandalorian then I’m in for a great surprise.

Baby Leia is annoying. To be fair it’s pretty on-brand for her character but still with how much time they’ve been focusing on her it’s been a struggle.

And that first chase scene with her had me actually laughing out loud. Way to start off with dispelling any and all sense of danger.

Even more annoying is villain lady. She’s one of the most irritatingly confusing Star Wars characters recently because her only personality trait is being a loose cannon. That’s a problem when you consider how much screen time she gets and all the mixed signals over whether we’re supposed to empathize with her or hate her guts.

So first impressions aren’t great. But there’s enough interesting characters and places the show could go that I’m still planning on following it.


Five comedians compete each season in silly challenges. This has been my favorite funny, laid back show since I was introduced to it a couple years ago and this current season has been really enjoyable. Most of the past seasons are officially available on Youtube (not region locked AFAIK), and you can stream the current season on Channel 4 (UK only, though I’ve had success with a VPN).

Father Ted

Started watching this because one of the current contestants in Taskmaster was on it. Pretty funny show about a few priests on a remote island in Ireland. The humor feels pretty similar to IT Crowd, so if you enjoyed that you’ll probably enjoy this.