Re: How Many Computers Do You Have?

ew0k posed this question, which you’ve probably seen already if you’ve browsed geminispace the past few days.


The Obvious


My primary computer. It’s got an 8th gen i5, 12 GB of RAM, a 2 TB HDD, and a 500 GB SSD I added once the slow HDD drove me crazy enough. Got it in 2018.


A Google Pixel 4 XL running the stock firmware. Got it in 2020.

Home Server

A Dell Optiplex a buddy and I found at a thrift store for $5. It’s got a Core 2 Duo and 8 GB of RAM. Right now it runs Nextcloud and Jellyfin.

VR Headset

An Oculus/Meta Quest 2.

Thumby Keychain Handheld

A tiny, fully playable Gameboy-inspired handheld the size of your thumb. Really great novelty.


One of the ones with built in Roku.


Because I can’t stand Roku.


The world’s best game console.

Raspberry Pi

I’m not super sure which model it is. One of the “3” variants. It’s collecting dust on a shelf right now because I was having some issues with it freezing.

The Slightly Less Obvious

Marquee Scroller Clock

A cool Arduino-powered marquee clock with a 3D printed case. It has a bunch of features but I only use the clock and the weather.

Bluetooth Earbuds

A pair of the Tribit Flybuds C1. I can’t recommend them. They sound great and have excellent battery life, but I’m on my third pair due to various defects. This third pair has some issues too, but I’ve decided to just put up with them.


It works most of the time.


Pretty nifty for automation.

Do These Count?

Digital Piano

Pretty sure this counts, but hardly anyone would think of it as a computer.

USB Battery Bank

It has a small screen to show the current battery level. Probably some kind of computer.

Air Conditioner

Has some controls and a screen to show the current status.

I’ve probably got a few more really obscure ones but these are all the ones that come to mind. Turns out this was a pretty fun inventory to make!