PC Setup

This weekend I helped my brother build and setup his new PC.

Well, I say “helped” but I really mean I just went over to his place and stood around and chatted. So moral support, I guess? Had a good time hanging out and talking tech. It didn’t take too long to get everything together and Windows 10 installed.

Sidenote: I’m surprised Microsoft is still charging home users for Windows. The only people buying their own licenses are power users, and those are also the people most willing to give another OS a try. You’d think it would make more sense for them to make the OS free, then make their money by promoting services like they’ve been doing.

Anyway, we got Steam installed and decided to test things out with Portal RTX since he’s now got an Nvidia card capable of raytracing. I’d seen a couple videos of it before but it was still super neat to see one of my favorite games in a completely new light (pun unintended). Everything just looked… right. We both noticed that this remaster looks sort of how we remembered the original game looking. Funny how our brains fill in more detail than is really there when looking back on things.

The whole time spent was pretty fun and it’s got me looking forward even more to building my own computer soon after I graduate.


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