Nextcloud Speedbump

I’ve been running my own Nextcloud off an Ubuntu box in my apartment and for the most part it’s been smooth sailing. I’m even using the Nextcloud snap package and have been really happy with it despite all the gripes you often read about snap packages online. After over a year I’ve only just barely hit one of my first snags in running Nextcloud.

Now this isn’t the snag, but I thought I’d mention real quick that the new version 25 of Nextcloud includes a redesign that I’m not too enthusiastic about. I’ll get used to it but now there’s a colored, rounded frame around the entire page.

What has gotten in the way is that I’m no longer able to access my Nextcloud’s web interface over my LAN. It’s not a huge deal since most of my usage comes from accessing it over the internet, but it’ll still get slightly annoying if I need to upload or download any large files.

When I was investigating the problem I found a couple settings in my config that I don’t remember setting up myself: overwritehost and overwriteprotocol. Maybe these were added by an update? Who knows, it’s been a while since I initially set up Nextcloud. Anyway, commenting out these settings fixed my initial problem, which is that when I tried to connect over local IP I was getting redirected to my Nextcloud’s domain instead.

I was met with a new problem though: I wasn’t able to login. I’d enter my credentials and instead of being redirected to my files I’d just be met with another login page.

This is where I’ve sort of given up for now. Like I said, I can still access my Nextcloud over the internet which is what’s important to me. Maybe I’ll investigate some more after a couple updates.

I’m still pretty happy with how frictionless running Nextcloud has been all this time. Part of that is due to snap’s automatic updates. I know they’re not for everyone but I’ve found them to be extremely convenient.


#100DaysToOffload #self-hosting