New Chapter

Last week my job hunt came to a close when I accepted a software engineering role with a pretty large, well-known company. The timing couldn’t have been any better either since my last class is over in two weeks.

I’ve been looking forward to it more and more as it’s had time to settle in. The office I’ll be working at is in a good location and we’ll be really close to family. I also feel excited about the opportunity long-term. I’m sure there’ll be room for growth inside the company and whenever it’s time for me to move on I’m confident I’ll have gotten some valuable experience.

I’m also just really glad to have made it to the end of school finally. Since the beginning of this year I’ve slowly woken up to the feeling that I’m very close to the limit of what I can gain from this undergrad computer science program. Like an XP cap. I can’t help but get excited to move somewhere new with new experiences and things to learn.

But for now the challenge is just to buckle down on this last two weeks of coursework and to put together some moving plans.

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