I Can't Stop Thinking About Outer Wilds

It’s been a few months since I finished the game Outer Wilds and it’s turned out to be possibly the most memorable game I’ve ever played.

It’s one of those games to really take full advantage of the medium. The story Outer Wilds tells could only ever work through a medium as interactive as a video game because it isn’t told, it’s discovered and experienced.

There were so many moments of discovery, reflection, and awe that were driven entirely by my own curiosity. Not once did I feel like the story was just a series things that were happening to me, or that I was being led down any particular path.

I wish I could gush about Outer Wilds in more detail, but it’s the type of game that’s extremely sensitive to spoilers. If you do decide to play it (which you should — everyone should), go into it as blind as you can. My list of games that everyone needs to experience isn’t very long, but Outer Wilds is without a doubt somewhere on the top of it.

— JP

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