Driving to RAM

Did something a little crazy this weekend, but I’m glad because of it.

We had a friend get married in the next state over, so my wife and I made a trip out of it. Five hours out, a couple hours spent at the reception, and five hours back all in the same day. It was super nice to see our friend again, especially since the last time I had seen her was a couple years ago at my wife and I’s wedding when she had made an even longer trip out to see us. This gave us a nice chance to reciprocate. The reception was nice and the drive was fun, even if we didn’t get back home until almost 3 AM. We’re night owls anyway.

Before the trip we did that thing again where we load up on CDs at our local library. One of the albums I picked out was Random Access Memories by Daft Punk and I can’t believe I’d forgotten how awesome this album is! There’s hardly a dull song to be found on it, and something about it specifically makes for a really fun drive. We even listened to it on both directions on the drive despite all the other CDs and podcasts we also brought.

Recently they released a 10 year anniversary edition of the album with a second disc of really neat bonus tracks. There’s some extra instrumental jams, cut tracks, demos, and some interesting looks into the writing process. I’m really glad they put it together.


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