Comfy With Neovim

Quick update on my switch to Neovim.

Yep, I’m definitely sticking with it. I’ve gotten super comfortable with the keys, the workflow, and even the config which isn’t daunting to look at anymore. I’m confident enough with it that I even used it during a job interview today.

One side effect I noticed is that I’m also more proficient with regular Vim, which comes in handy when I’m shelled into a server making changes.

Since the switch I’ve worked in Python, Go, and even React Native. Aside from a little weirdness with Python (I had to install a second language server alongside my first as a workaround to get documentation), neovim’s been nice and out of the way after getting over the initial learning curve. It’s also really nice for just writing posts like this in since you can enable the built-in spellchecking selectively based on the file type.

Most of my plugins are just what comes with Lunarvim (I didn’t even have to install a colorscheme I like because it comes with Tokyo Night by default!), but I have made a couple important additions. One is Neoscroll, which adds smooth scrolling when making large jumps. It really helps with mentally keeping track of where you are in a file. The other plugin I’ve added is Leap, and I can’t imagine using a text editor without it now. I mentioned it briefly in a previous post, but essentially it adds an extremely quick method of moving your cursor to any point in a file that. Once you learn it, it’s faster and more comfortable than using the mouse.

Speaking of plugins, here’s a couple handy resources for plugin shopping.


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