Change Is Here

The past week is finally over and between wrapping up final exams, graduation ceremonies, and so much more, I’m exhausted.

Finals weren’t so bad. My most intense classes didn’t have finals and instead just had projects and presentations. My databases course and intro to data science course both had very low-key exams that were online and open note. The biggest exam I had to worry about was linear algebra which thankfully wasn’t very stressful.

The day of graduation ceremonies was really long and took a lot out of me. It’s nice to have that behind me. I’m grateful I got to hang out with family as much as I did this week though.

The full impact of how much my life is about to change is starting to dawn on me. Almost everyone in my friend group has just graduated and some have already left town for wherever life after school is taking them. I guess that’ll be me soon after I’m through with my spring course.

I feel like normally I’d be pretty anxious about that, but I just feel ready. I know my stuff (well enough) and I’m well ready to put school behind me. The thought of having a friend group split up isn’t as daunting as it once was, like during the transition from high school to university. The world seems smaller now than it did then.

Instead, I just feel excited. I know I’ll keep in touch with and visit everyone, and I can’t wait to experience something new for a change.


#100DaysToOffload #journal