Breaks Hit Different Now

Last week was Thanksgiving so I got to enjoy a long four day weekend.

It was my first break not as a student, and I couldn’t believe how nice it felt being able to go on break without future assignments and responsibilities looming over my head. I get it, professors can’t easily just put a stop to everything for a week especially when the end of the semester is only a couple weeks away. Still though, boy was it nice to not have anything to worry about.

I guess I should also consider myself lucky that currently my job is pretty easy to forget about in the off-hours most of the time.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. We had some family come into town, lots of food, lots of movies, a little bit of shooting. A pretty classic Thanksgiving with no complaints from me.

I’ve been so refreshed this week that I even found the drive to do some digital housekeeping. I retired my oldest VPS and migrated what I was still running on it to a fresh install.

I’ve sort of been slacking with the blog lately but I’ll probably be turning that around pretty soon. I’m wanting to do some rapid fire game reviews for all the games I’ve been getting into lately. Also, Advent of Code is fast approaching. I’m hoping to get some practice in with new languages or languages I don’t get very many chances to use. If it goes well or fails spectacularly, I’ll have something fun to write about.

— JP

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