Artemis I

I loved space as a kid. I grew up during the space shuttle program, which looking back on it I don’t think I appreciated how cool it was.

Over time I sort of became less and less interested, maybe partly due to not a lot of exciting space things breaking into the mainstream. That’s started to change in recent years with things like the Mars Perseverance rover and James Webb Space Telescope. But both of those, in my opinion, pale in comparison to the prospect of putting people back on the moon which is what the Artemis missions are planning to achieve.

Getting to watch the launch of Artemis I last night was pretty special and oddly nostalgic. It brought back some of that fascination of space and engineering I felt as a kid.

This first mission is an unmanned test flight that’ll pave the way for future missions with a crew. It’s wild to think that we’ll have people back on the moon in a few short years if everything goes according to plan.